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Welcome to the IAS SPICE wiki


* [[:meetings:2017-11-15|2017-11-15 SPICE operations Consortium meeting, Steventon UK]]
* [[:meetings:2017_02_kick_off|2017-02 SPICE operations kick-off meeting, Orsay]]
* [[:meetings:2016_09_operations|2016-09 Solar Orbiter instrument commanding workshop, Darmstadt]]
* 2016-07-07 consortium meeting, Orsay
* [[:meetings:2016_07_operations|2016-07-06 SOC SPICE operations workshop]], Orsay
* [[:meetings:2015_11_spice_epd_swa|2015-11 SPICE-EPD-SWA joint meeting]], Orsay
* [[:meetings:2015_11_consortium|2015-11 SPICE meeting]], Orsay
* [[:meetings:2015_06_consortium|2015-06 consortium meeting]], Orsay


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